Finding Funding for Big Ideas: Meet the John Templeton Foundation (2022)

The John Templeton Foundation supports work that crosses disciplinary, religious, and geographical boundaries—on subjects ranging from black holes and evolution to creativity, forgiveness, and free will. It also encourages civil, informed dialogue among scientists, philosophers, theologians, and the public at large.

The Office of Research and BU Foundation Relations will present a workshop to help acquaint researchers at BU with the John Templeton Foundation’s principal funding areas and the foundation’s protocols focused on its August 20, 2022 pre-proposal deadline.

For this deadline, the foundation’s funding areas are: Science & The Big Questions (including 12 strategic priorities), Character Virtue Development, Individual Freedom & Free Markets, Exceptional Cognitive Talent & Genius, and Genetics.

Workshop participants will learn about the foundation’s mission, priorities, grant programs, and the application process for this year’s round of grants; hear from BU faculty who have received generous support from the foundation, including Steven Sandage, Psychology of Religion and Theology (STH) and Kathleen Corriveau, Applied Human Development (Wheelock); and have the opportunity to share ideas and find potential collaborators.

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