Confronting Gender Bias in Investor Q&A: Research and Practice for Female Innovators (2021)

Hosted by BU Technology Development, BU ARROWS, and BU Women’s Guild

Boston University research leads to innovations with real impact, from life-changing solutions to life-saving technologies and therapeutics. The broader the pool of faculty patenting their work, the more diverse and impactful our research becomes. Yet data shows that there continues to be gender disparity in academic technology transfer and commercialization at universities nationwide.

In this webinar, Dr. Dana Kanze of the London Business School will give a talk with insights and strategies for female innovators seeking to build relationships with investors, with an explicit focus on overcoming bias in investor Q&A. The talk will be followed by audience questions.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Dana Kanze is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School. Her research examines gender distinctions among business founders. Prior to receiving her PhD at Columbia Business School, Dr. Kanze cofounded and ran a venture-funded startup for  five years. Her TED talk, entitled “The Real Reason Female Entrepreneurs Get Less Funding,” has been viewed nearly two million times.

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