Updated Consent Form for Use of Research Videos or Recordings

The Charles River Campus (CRC) Institutional Review Board recognizes that that investigators may wish to use videos or recordings that were obtained during a research study for other purposes which are not related to the research study. This may include any of the following

  1. use in future research studies;
  2. educational or presentation purposes;
  3. scientific conferences;
  4. scientific publications;
  5. classrooms;
  6. public presentations to non-scientific groups;
  7. television or radio, or;
  8. university/investigator website.

If an investigator wants to use videos or recordings for purposes not related to the research study, the investigator must obtain the participant’s specific consent for the use. Consent must be obtained prior to the use. This consent can either be added to the main study consent form or a separate consent form can be used. The CRC IRB has drafted a Video/Recordings Use Consent Form which is located on the CRC IRB website in the ‘Forms & Policies’ Tab.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the CRC IRB office at 617-358-6115 or irb@bu.edu.

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