New IACUC software is coming

The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee is implementing a new electronic protocol management system, Huron Click, to replace INSPIR and paper CRC protocols.  Benefits of the new software include:

  • Easy visualization of workflow and protocol status
  • Library of our own approved standard procedures from which to select
  • Prepopulated with anesthetic administration procedures
  • Multiple people can work on the submission simultaneously
  • Protocols can be copied
  • Integrates with all browsers
  • Vendor-supported software
  • Easier version control for CRCCharles River Campus

Our software is presently in development and will be going live sometime in the coming months.  We will communicate further information on the timeline as it becomes available.  Training will be provided by the Animal Welfare Program office.

In order to migrate protocol information from INSPIR, there will be a 5 day blackout period where no changes to protocols may be made in the system.  We will communicate the timing of this data freeze as soon as it is known.  CRC protocols will be also be transferred during this time period.

If you have a protocol expiring in May, please be sure to submit your renewal to the IACUC by April 10 otherwise we cannot ensure approval prior to the expiration date.  For protocols expiring in April, please submit your renewal as soon as possible.

Please contact if you have any questions.  Stay tuned for further information!

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