Faculty Climate Survey

We have conducted two university-wide Faculty Climate Surveys, one in 2007-2008 and a repeat in 2013. Almost all of the questions in the two surveys were the same, allowing us to assess changes over this 5-plus year interval. Results comparing the two surveys are provided below. In 2008 separate reports were prepared for each school and college (see below). These reports have not been prepared for the 2013 survey. If you require a separate report for your school, please contact Institutional Research.

Survey Results Comparing 2013 and 2007-8: (Kerberos password required)


Survey Results 2008: (Kerberos password required)

Summary reports:

School and detailed reports: (Kerberos password required)

Report Publication Date
Academic Institutes and Centers January 2008
Charles River Campus by Gender Within Rank May 2008
College of Arts and Sciences January 2008
College of Communication January 2008
College of Engineering January 2008
College of Fine Arts January 2008
College of General Studies January 2008
Medical Campus by Gender Within Rank March 2008
Medical Campus by Gender Within Type of Degree March 2008
Metropolitan College January 2008
Sargent College January 2008
School of Dental Medicine January 2008
School of Education January 2008
School of Law January 2008
School of Management January 2008
School of Medicine January 2008
School of Public Health January 2008
School of Social Work January 2008
School of Theology January 2008
University Professors Program January 2008