Electronic Development and Approval of Academic and Administrative Policies (eDAAP)


Proposals for additions and modifications to Boston University’s Academic and Administrative Policies are subject to careful review at many levels. Successful policy proposals should provide a compelling rationale that meets the highest standard of clarity and institutional necessity and is in alignment with the University’s and individual school and college strategic plans.

University Policy development should include consultation with the constituencies (schools/colleges or other operating units) affected by the proposed policy. The chair of the policy drafting body is the sponsor of the policy and is responsible for moving it through the approval process. Proposals successfully vetted by the appropriate consultative bodies are then brought forward to University Council (academic policies) or the Council of Deans and Administrative Council (administrative policies) for a vote before going to the University President for final approval. Proposal development should begin with a review of the downloadable forms available below.

Academic Policy

This category includes student, faculty, and research policies that are directly related to the academic enterprise. 

Examples:  policies relating to student matters (e.g., academic standing, FERPA, grading, and credit policies), faculty matters outside of general employment policies (e.g., policies relating to appointment, promotion, tenure, and termination), and research.

Administrative Policy

This category includes management, employment, compliance, or other administrative-related policies that have broad application throughout the University and that are not specifically Faculty or Student University Policies.

Examples: policies relating to personnel/employment matters (e.g., general staff employment policies, affirmative action, generally applicable benefits policies, anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policies, employment of foreign nationals), environmental health and safety (e.g., relating to lab/research work, facilities-related activities, accident reporting), accounting, gifts, procurement, computing, information security, and conflict of interest.

Downloadable Documents

Please submit a new or revised policy proposal to the following address: policy@bu.edu.

Academic Policy Approval Process Flowchart

electronic Development and Approval of Academic Policies (Overview)

Administrative Policy Approval Process Flowchart

Administrative Policy Development and Approval Process (Overview)

Issues to consider when submitting a proposal should include:

  1. Timetable and costs of implementation;
  2. Relevant existing policies, references and history;
  3. Input from affected constituencies and stakeholders on the proposed policy’s development;
  4. How to disseminate and publicize the proposed policy and what training, if any, may be required for compliance;
  5. Who will oversee the proposed policy, and ensure it’s implemented and kept current.