Andrei Mamolea

Assistant Professor of International Relations

Andrei Mamolea is a historian of international law and politics, specializing in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His core research challenges the widespread notion that the United States was the driving force behind the development of international law during this formative period and shifts attention to the neglected but important role of Latin America and East-Central Europe. He is currently working on two book  projects that draw on extensive research in archives across the Americas and Europe. The first is a new history of the laws of war that examines how the United States resisted international standards and developed its own set of norms regarding the use of force, the treatment of prisoners, occupation, and military justice during the most important period of codification. The second book project is a history of international law in the Americas.

Prior to joining the Pardee School, Mamolea held fellowships at the University of Copenhagen, McGill University Faculty of Law, and the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History. He has an AB from Cornell University, a JD from Duke University School of Law, and a PhD from the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies. At Boston University, he teaches courses on international law and history.

Professor Mamolea’s specializations include international law, the laws of war, international criminal law, international arbitration, comparative international law, U.S. exceptionalism, hierarchy and inequality in international politics, the United States in the world, the international history of the Americas, and trans-Atlantic history.

You can follow professor Mamolea’s research on Twitter and on his personal website.


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