Pardee School Honors Program


The Pardee School Honors Program is a two-semester, independent research project that culminates in a thesis paper and oral defense. The research is conducted during a student’s senior year, under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Please note that adjunct professors cannot be faculty advisors or panelists for the Honors Program. The Honors thesis is a significant piece of academic writing that may ultimately be used for publication, employment purposes, or post-baccalaureate applications.

Successful students graduate with Honors from the Pardee School, the highest level of academic achievement for undergraduates.

Effective Fall 2021 IR 401 and IR 402 are approved for BU Hub credits. IR 401 fulfills a single unit in Writing-Intensive Course, Critical Thinking, and Research and Information Literacy. IR 402 fulfills a single unit in Oral and/or Signed Communication and Writing-Intensive Course.

Effective Fall 2021, ALL students writing an honor’s thesis must be on campus both semesters.

Honors students have many resources to utilize!