What does it take to land a job as an actuary? Primarily, the role requires a strong command of mathematics and statistics—perhaps even a passion for quantitative analysis—along with the ability to be detail oriented. But if you love crunching numbers and analyzing data, you have the foundation needed to pursue a career as an actuary, one of the most consistently top-rated jobs out there.

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Generally, actuaries work for life, health, and property/casualty insurance companies, as well as for consulting firms, government agencies, accounting firms, industrial corporations, banks, and financial services companies. They use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to predict risk and define the economic impact of uncertain events—from catastrophes to rates of mortality, disability, and fertility—on organizations, enabling them to adjust their long-term management strategies accordingly.

It’s a job that boasts high satisfaction and pays well, especially if you have the advantage of a master’s degree in Actuarial Science. As the only university in northern New England that offers such a degree, Boston University provides a natural pipeline to leadership roles in the industry. The MS in Actuarial Science at BU MET is a part-time program taught by working actuaries who have considerable hands-on experience and extensive career networks throughout some of the most prestigious companies that employ actuaries.

The BU MET Actuarial Science graduate curriculum is led by industry professionals who share their expertise in the classroom, ensuring that you develop deep knowledge of the field and well-honed skills in leadership and communication. Additionally, program coursework provides vital preparation for several challenging exams actuaries must pass to obtain certification. Ultimately, graduates of the program benefit from the prestige of BU’s world-renowned brand and cache in the business community.

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