Earning a second master’s degree can help you qualify for different positions and branch into diverse career disciplines. Many BU MET students pursue a second master’s degree in another academic area after completing their first degree. To see our range of master’s programs, visit Degrees & Certificates and select program type “Graduate Degrees & Concentrations.”

Please note that you can only begin a second master’s degree after completing your first degree—you may not enroll in two master’s simultaneously. We encourage students to apply for a second master’s six months prior to the expected graduation date of their first master’s degree.

If you seek to change programs within your current master’s degree, please consult your academic department.

Second Master’s Application Process

Current degree-seeking students and alumni must submit a new application for the second master’s program to be reviewed for admission by the same process as other graduate applicants to BU MET. Admissions will provide an application fee waiver for second master’s applicants and will also use the transcript and letter of recommendation materials from your first master’s degree application.

Please email met@bu.edu with the subject line “Second Master’s” for specific instructions on how to submit your application as a second master’s applicant.

Credit Transfer

After completing a first master’s degree program at BU MET (with a minimum of 10 courses), you may apply up to 8 credits from the first degree toward a second degree (of 10 or more courses), thereby reducing your work by two courses. Note that while all master’s students are eligible to pursue a second master’s degree of their choice, only degree programs with a minimum of 10 courses are eligible for the course reduction.

Prospective Students

Prospective students who have yet to enroll at BU MET must apply to and enroll in one program. After matriculating in one master’s program, you can work with your academic department and the Admissions office to prepare your second master’s application as you near completion of the first degree. Students may not enroll in two master’s degrees simultaneously.

To discuss options for pursuing multiple master’s programs at BU MET, contact Admissions at met@bu.edu or 617-353-6000.