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The Two-Year LLM is an intensive LLM program designed to equip ambitious international students and lawyers with the academic, legal, and language skills necessary to succeed in U.S. law school. Through experiencing an innovate blend of legal English, American legal culture and practice, and substantive doctrinal coursework, you will graduate with a high competency in both the letter of the law and its application.

We have had great results in giving students the legal tools necessary to succeed in the American Law, Banking and Financial Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Taxation LLM programs. Whether your plan is to take the New York bar or to find a job after graduation, for students who want to take their legal and English skills to the next level, the Two-Year LLM may be the right program for you. You can find details on our Legal English programs here.

Three Advantages of the Two-Year LLM:

  1. Intensive development of legal writing, case analysis, and advocacy skills in the first year allows students to confidently meet the academic challenges of their LLM coursework in the second year;
  2. Having an additional year to study legal English gives students the opportunity to make substantial improvements in their English that are not possible in one year programs; and
  3. Spending two years in Boston and at BU Law allows students and any of their family members the opportunity to really become a Boston local and to fully appreciate the rich history that Boston has to offer. You will also have the most opportunities to visit court proceedings, attend talks by special guest lecturers, and participate in the many social events sponsored by the law school.

Program Schedule

Year 1: Legal English Certificate Program

Students enroll in a specialized mix of legal English, legal skills, and legal doctrine coursework. Fall semester: Legal English, Academic Skills for U.S. Law Studies, and Introduction to U.S. Legal Culture. Spring semester: Legal English II, Academic Skills for U.S. Law Studies II, Legal Writing, Persuasive Legal Advocacy, and Topics in American Law. For full course descriptions, please visit the Curriculum page.


Students are required to complete a two week Pre-LLM program, consisting of a two week course focused on academic skills for the international lawyer. Students entering the Banking and Financial Law Program will alternatively attend Financial Services Fundamentals. Please note that BU offers spring, summer and fall semesters, and summer programs are billed separately from full-year programs.

Year 2: Your LLM Program

Students enroll in the American Law, Banking and Financial Law, Intellectual Property Law, or Taxation LLM program. For full program details, please visit our LLM Degrees page.

Admissions Requirements

  • First Degree in Law. Two-Year LLM applicants must have a first degree in law. However, applicants to only the Legal English Certificate Program do not need a law degree.
  • English Proficiency. Please note that if you do not meet the below stated scores you are still encouraged to apply, as we assess applications based on a variety of factors in addition to English proficiency scores.
    • TOEFL: a score of 85 or higher on the iTOEFL (compared to 100 as required for a one year LLM program); 550 or higher on the paper-based TOEFL.
    • IELTS: a combined score of 5.5 or higher.
  • For a full list of admissions requirements, please visit our admissions page.

Student Spotlights

Assem Circle Assem Al-Ahmadi

Program: Two-Year LLM with American Law
Home Country: Saudi Arabia

Alia Alsudairy

Program: Two-Year LLM with American Law
Home Country: Saudi Arabia

Zaruhi Circle Zaruhi Mkrtumyan

Program: Two-Year LLM with American Law
Home Country: Armenia

Feyaz Circle Feyza Ozdemir

Program: Two-Year LLM with Banking & Financial Law
Home Country: Turkey

Junhee Circle Junhee Park

Program: Two-Year LLM with American Law
Home Country: South Korea

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Additional Program Links

  • Tuition and Fees. Note that Two-Year LLM students will be charged the applicable tuition and fees for full-time LLM studies for both the Legal English Certificate Program and their LLM Program. Additional tuition and fees will be assessed for the required summer coursework: Pre LLM or Financial Services Fundamentals.
  • Application Instructions. Our admissions page details how to submit the application and supporting documents.