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The Two-Year LLM is a rigorous program tailored for ambitious international students and legal professionals seeking success in U.S. law. It blends legal, academic, and language skills crucial for excelling in American law schools. Geared towards globally-minded practitioners, it delves deep into the U.S. legal system, fostering expertise in various legal domains while honing analytical, research, and advocacy skills. Structured over two years, the program mandates completing a minimum of 25 credits in the first year and 24 credits in the second. Offered as a full-time residential program, students can finish in four semesters, commencing in either Fall or Spring. The program caters to LLM degrees in American Law, Intellectual Property, Banking and Financial Law, Tax Law, and a Master's in Tax Law for non-lawyers.

Degree Type

  • Graduate

Minimum Requirements

  • 4 Semesters
  • 20 Courses
  • 49 Credits


  • In-Person


  • Full-Time


  • On-Campus

Three Advantages of the Two-Year LLM:

  1. Depth of Study: BU Law’s Two-Year LLM program allows for a more in-depth study of the subject matter. With an extended duration, students have more time to delve deeper into specialized legal areas, conduct thorough research, and explore complex topics. Students can take bar courses as early as their first semester. This extended period enables a comprehensive understanding of legal concepts and their practical applications, allowing for a more nuanced and thorough grasp of the subject matter.
  2. Enhanced Skill Development: The additional time in a Two-Year LLM program provides greater opportunities for intensive development of legal writing, case analysis, and advocacy skills which allows students to confidently meet the academic challenges of their LLM coursework. Students can engage in internships, and other practical experiences without rushing through the curriculum. This longer duration often includes more chances for networking, participating in moot courts, or other practical training activities, enhancing practical legal skills that are invaluable for future legal practice.
  3. Adaptation and Adjustment: Spending two years in Boston and at BU Law allows students and any of their family members the opportunity to really become a Boston local and to fully appreciate the rich history that Boston has to offer. Students in the Two-Year program will also have the most opportunities to visit court proceedings, attend talks by special guest lecturers, and participate in the many social events sponsored by the law school.

Admissions Requirements

  • First Degree in Law. Two-Year LLM applicants must have a first degree in law. 
  • English Proficiency. Please note that if you do not meet the below stated scores you are still encouraged to apply, as we assess applications based on a variety of factors in addition to English proficiency scores.
    • TOEFL: a score of 85 or higher on the iTOEFL (compared to 100 as required for a one year LLM program); 550 or higher on the paper-based TOEFL.
    • IELTS: a combined score of 5.5 or higher.

For a full list of admissions requirements, please visit our admissions page.

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