International Conferences

The following conferences were generously supported by the Mike Grossman Seminar Fund.

June 2015

International Forum of Young Scholars on Eastern European Jewry

The forum’s purpose is to promote the research and career progress of promising young scholars from all countries. It is an ongoing forum, comprised of 15 advanced Ph.D. students (ABD) and recent Ph.D.s (before tenure-track appointments). It meets periodically and is intended to allow young scholars an opportunity for cross-fertilization in their fields with their own peers and with an esteemed group of senior scholars led by Profs. Israel Bartal, Dan Diner, David Engel, Zvi Gitelman, Oleg Budnitskii, and Gabriella Safran. The 2015 Forum was organized by Prof. Simon Rabinovitch (History).

November 2014

Economic Racism in Perspective: Past and Present in the US and Germany

“Economic Racism in Perspective: Past and Present in the US and Germany,” was a series of events that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and considered more broadly the dangers of economic discrimination. The series was directed by Prof. Jonathan Zatlin (History). A volume of conference proceedings is forthcoming.