Symposium Participants

Miriam Shenitzer (artist/educator) Miriam Shenitzer is an artist who uses line and language. She is interested in how we see each other… More

Putative Life of Hannah Arendt

About A Putative Life of Hannah Arendt, Exhibit and Symposium [L]anguage, the only medium through which mental activities can be manifest not only… More

2018-19 BUJS

Biblical Exegesis as Political Critique October 3, 2018 Post-doctoral research fellow Dr. Alexandra Zirkle (PhD University of Chicago, 2016) presented about her… More

2017-18 BUJS Forum

Judaism Was a Civilization December 17, 2017 Boston University Department of Religion Professor of Religion Jonathan Klawans presented on “Judaism as a… More

Community Participation #3

Our final week of the retrospective includes more messages from those impacted by the work of Elie Wiesel, including words from Mayor… More

Community Participation Week #2

Our community participation continues this week, with more messages about Elie Wiesel's impact in the lives of so many. #1 Sonari Glinton, Business… More