The Elie Wiesel Center is delighted to provide short-term scholarship awards and research support to undergraduate students through the following funds:

Brooks Family Scholarship

Boston University Sophomores or Juniors who have declared a minor in Jewish Studies and completed three or more courses counting toward the minor (including up to 2 courses in Hebrew Language) are eligible for this scholarship. Seniors on track to graduate with the minor are also eligible.

To apply: Complete the online application, submit an unofficial transcript, and a declaration of intent to graduate with the minor on record with EWJCS and the registrar’s office. Awards are considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. 

Henry J. and Carole Pinkney Research Scholarship

The Henry J. and Carole Pinkney Research Scholarship supports any Boston University undergraduate or graduate student’s research in Jewish Studies. Students can request funds to cover travel expenses, conference fees, and other costs directly related to research or professional development. Awards are limited to $500 per year per student and depend on funding availability. Applicants should be in good standing and provide a research budget or other expense justification, as well as a letter of endorsement from their advisor. Awards are considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. 

To apply: Complete the online application and request that your advisor send a letter of endorsement to

Levine, Martin Family Scholarship

The Levine, Martin Family Scholarship is awarded to Boston University students concentrating in Jewish Studies. Students need to have declared a minor in Jewish Studies and completed at least three courses counting toward the concentration to be eligible. Awards are considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.

To apply: Complete the online application, submit an unofficial transcript, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in Jewish studies, a declaration of intent to graduate with the minor on record with EWJCS and the registrar’s office, and a 500-word statement. 

Undergraduate Scholarship Awardees


Tallulah Bark-Huss (COM ‘21) 

Major: Film and Television Minor: Jewish Studies

“Coming from Jewish day school, I wanted to continue my Jewish education in a way that fit my schedule and needs as a Film and Television major. When I found out about the Jewish Studies minor from Professor Anderson, it just made sense. The Elie Wiesel Center has allowed me to partake in engaging and challenging conversations about ethics, history, and what it means to be Jewish on a college campus. The curriculum is so diverse that I’ve been able to dip my toes into varying areas such as Jerusalem and its importance to different religions, the history of Jewish and Black relations, and representations of the Holocaust in film.”


Jacob Gurvis (COM ‘20) 

Jacob Gurvis

Major: Journalism Minor: Jewish Studies and Political Science 

“I’m interested in Jewish Studies because I love learning about Judaism from an academic perspective. While Jewish education has always been a prominent part of my life, the opportunity to study the history, culture, and literature of the Jewish people in an academic program with excellent professors has been enriching and engaging in completely new ways. I have really enjoyed being part of the EWCJS family!”


Sophie Bartholomew (CAS ‘19) 


Major: Art History Minor: Jewish Studies 

During her studies, Sophie was awarded the Brooks Family scholarship and the Henry J. and Carole Pinkney Research Scholarship. These awards supported her endeavors in Yiddish Studies, including a summer program in Berlin, Germany, and research at the National Yiddish Book Center for a project on the aesthetics of Yiddish print culture. 

Deni Budman (COM ‘20)  

Major: Film/Video and Photographic Arts Minor: Jewish Studies

“When I enrolled in BU, I had no plans of pursuing Jewish Studies, but once I entered the Elie Wiesel Center I could hardly resist. Signing up for my required writing seminar freshman year, I stumbled upon a topic in Global Judaisms, and I’m very grateful that I decided on a whim to register for it. The class inspired me to learn, research, and ask questions. Since then, I have vowed to engage in educated conversations about religion. Particularly, I focus my studies on Jewish concepts of social justice and also the gender-based discrimination in the religion and its culture. Throughout my experience at BU, I have integrated Jewish Studies into everything I do. From serving on the Student Board and Religious Life Council of BU Hillel to creating videos based on Jewish topics as a film major to working at the Elie Wiesel Center between classes, Judaism is woven into my degree in more ways than a Jewish Studies minor certificate will signify.”

Lingxuan Liang (CAS ‘20) 

Lingxuan Liang

Major: History Minor: Jewish Studies 

“After dedicating years of my life to researching China-Japan relations, I decided to minor in Jewish studies after transferring to BU. As a future historian, I believe that many current clashes between different nations all have a historical origin. Studying Jewish history, especially the Israel-Palestine conflict, has given me new insights into intercultural conflicts. Therefore, my main interests lie in the postwar establishment of the Israeli state as well as its practical conflict resolution policies. To me, learning Jewish history is not only about the evolution of Jewish ideologies, language, and cultures, but perhaps most importantly, how human societies progress and eventually become what they are today.”