Professor Lotner Lev, wearing a light pink shirt, turning towards the camera. A white woman with dark hair tied back in a bun.

Israel Institute Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

In Fall 2021, Tamara Lotner Lev joined the Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies faculty as the Israel Institute Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow.

Tamara holds a LLB from the Hebrew University, and a PhD from Tel Aviv University School of Law. After completing her PhD, Tamara joined the Israeli Department of Justice and worked under the Deputy General Attorney on legislation of and consultation about environmental law and regulation, offshore oil and gas regulation and related fields. Two year ago, she joined the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel as the organization’s Climate Policy Director. She has been teaching environmental law at Tel Aviv University since 2020 and served as the board member of the Israel Society for Ecology and Environmental Sciences.