Jenn Lindsay

Jenn Lindsay is an anthropologist and PhD student in the Religion and Society track in the GDRS. She holds a Master of Divinity (’11) in Interfaith Relations and Ecumenics from Union Theological Seminary in New York City, where she was co-chair of the Interfaith Caucus and the Minister of Fun. At BU, Jenn pursues the question of how religion affects personal relationships, particularly interreligious relationships, and how ideals of pluralism translate into social action. Her research has been based in Italy and Indonesia–studying personal relationships between people of different religions, particularly between Muslims and Catholics–and in Peru, where she studied how local spiritualities and Catholicism shape people’s interactions with the environment. In Italy she conducts ethnographic research in a number of ecumenical and interfaith organizations, profiling the individuals who work there and the collectives they have forged. Her documentary film projects on secular humanist Jews, Muslim headscarves in Indonesia, ecumenical eco-activism, and the role of religion in the Occupy Wall Street movement have screened at film festivals, conferences, and in plenty of classrooms! At BU, Jenn is the Coordinator of the Social Science and Religion Network which was started by her advisor Nancy Ammerman. Jenn hails from San Diego, CA, raised by a religiously eclectic family whose members draw from progressive Jewish, Christian Scientist, Presbyterian, Unitarian Universalist, Hindu and secular humanist traditions. For a decade prior to attending Union Theological Seminary, Jenn worked in the film and music industries as a composer, film editor, performer and documentary filmmaker. Jenn focused on playwriting at Stanford University (’01) and on arts management at the Yale University School of Drama (’05).