Diana Lobel

Associate Professor of Religion

Diana Lobel teaches comparative religious thought. Her teaching emphasizes interactions between philosophy and religion, close textual interpretation, and spirituality and religious experience. Professor Lobel’s early work was on the impact of Sufi mysticism on Jewish philosophy. Her forthcoming book, The Quest for God and the Good: Philosophy as a Living Experience (Columbia University Press) explores concepts of divinity and goodness across philosophical and religious traditions, East and West. Her next project will continue the theme of East-West dialogue on happiness and the flourishing life.

Courses in Jewish Studies

  • Sacred Texts of World Religions (RN 206)
  • Religious Thought: The Quest for God and the Good/Philosophy and Religion (PH 245/RN 245)
  • Classical Jewish Thought (RN 323)
  • Mysticism and Philosophy: Jewish and Islamic Perspectives (RN 338)
  • Topics in Religious Thought: Religious Thought, East and West (RN 452)