Useful Links

Associated Organizations and Centers:

A list of affiliated organizations and centers as well as pertinent non-affiliated websites:

  • Global Lawyers and Physicians
    Homepage of the non-govermental organization committed to cooperation between lawyers and medical professionals to improve health and human rights internationally.
  • Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights
    The Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights at Boston Medical Center provides medical, dental, and mental health care along with legal and social services for refugees. The center works with contemporary victims of torture and related trauma.
  • Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies
    The Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies at Boston University provides resources for students, faculty, and the community on contemporary and historical topics in Judaic studies and related subjects.
  • Baycrest Geriatric Health Care System
    Baycrest is located in Toronto, Ontario and is focused on geriatric health care. It serves many Holocaust survivors and their offspring and is a model for informed and well-integrated health care.

Museum and Organization Online Resources:

    A list of websites and databases managed by museums or universities including photo and document archives and online exhibitions pertaining to Medicine and the Holocaust and the Holocaust in general.

    Lectures and Presentations:

    Links to available lectures and presentations, some from Project affiliated faculty or scholars, all pertaining to Medicine and the Holocaust.

    UNESCO Casebook on Bioethics and the Holocaust

    Syllabi and curricula are being developed to teach medicine and the Holocaust to students in high school, undergraduate, graduate, professional and adult educational settings.