SPH Seminar: US Surgeon General Urges More Aid for Opioid Addicts

“We have to make it easier to get help than to get high” Jerome M. Adams, the US surgeon general,speaking at a School of Public Health Dean’s Seminar on the nation’s opioid crisis on January 26. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Before a standing-room-only crowd at the Medical Campus last Thursday, Jerome M. Adams, US surgeon general, […]

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Fighting Tick-Borne Disease with Computer Science

BU scientists on team building predictive tool to keep insects in check BU ecologists Tempest McCabe (GRS’21) and Michael Dietze develop computational tools to study the complex interactions between plants, animals, and climate. They want to find ways to predict ecological changes, such as fluctuations in tick populations, which could affect human health. Photo by […]

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LAW-based CARB-X Awards $24 Million for Superbug Antibiotics

Wellcome Trust gives $155M for nonprofit’s work on “huge global challenge” Kevin Outterson, LAW’s N. Neal Pike Scholar in Health and Disability Law, leads CARB-X, the world’s largest public-private partnership working to accelerate development of urgently needed new antimicrobials. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. A BU School of Law–based public-private partnership to spur the development of […]

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SPH Addresses Gun Violence in Special Forum

National public health faculty, government, advocacy experts convene Representative Robert DeLeo, speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, was among those speaking at the daylong School of Public Health meeting on gun violence that drew members from public health schools across the country. Photo by Michael Saunders. There is no doubt that one of the […]

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SPH Welcomes New Global Health Chair

Patricia Hibberd wants to leverage technology to save young lives When Patricia Hibberd (above) looks at her smartphone, she sees a chance to save young lives. Hibberd, the new chair of the School of Public Health’s Department of Global Health, has been working in Malawi, India, and Pakistan to develop a low-cost thermal imaging system […]

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Moving to Improve

Active “brain breaks” get kids moving—and help them learn Teacher Jake Dore (CGS’11, SED’13) takes regular breaks from desk work to get his fourth graders moving at the Kelly School in Chelsea, Mass. Photos by Dan Watkins.  It’s time for a break. You’ve been reading for a while now, so let’s stand up and shake […]

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Preventing an Antibiotic Apocalypse

The business model for drug innovation is broken — universities key to figuring out fixes, says health law prof By: Sara Rimer Kevin Outterson is a leading scholar on the economic and legal global framework needed to combat resistance and keep antibiotics available for future generations. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. When Kevin Outterson, a professor […]

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