BU’s Institute for Sustainable Energy to Focus on Equity and Justice in the Climate Change Fight

Transitioning the world to sustainable energy without leaving marginalized communities behind is a top priority for new leadership team, including director Benjamin Sovacool.

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Special Report: Into Africa

Three Fulbright Scholars, three countries, three perspectives on a changing region For many decades, Boston University’s African Studies Center (ASC) has produced top scholars in the field. Now part of the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, the ASC trains students in multiple African languages and academic disciplines. In the last two years, 11 […]

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Molecule Makers

A unique chemical library offers new hope for hard-to-treat diseases By Kate Becker and photos by Dan Aguirre. Can a molecule be beautiful? As director of BU’s Center for Molecular Discovery (CMD), John Porco has helped to create some 7,000 new molecules. To a chemist’s eye, their ornate “architecture” makes them beautiful, says Porco. But […]

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Could an Ebola Treatment Already Exist?

Research led by a NEIDL scientist finds hope in Zoloft, Vascor Immunologist Gene Olinger, in the attire of his profession, thinks existing drugs for depression and heart disease might be effective against Ebola. Photo courtesy Gene Olinger. What if Zoloft and Vascor—safe prescription drugs that you can pick up at your CVS for depression and […]

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