Going Big: Strategies for Securing Large-Scale Federal Awards

Federal Relations and the Office of Research held a workshop on strategies for securing large-scale federal awards on November 2, 2020. Are you interested in building towards a center-scale research award but unsure how to get started? Lewis-Burke Associates LLC, a federal lobbying and consulting firm in Washington, DC, discussed strategies for researchers to ramp […]

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BU-Led Study: CTE May Occur without Concussions

Progressive brain disease could be caused by repetitive head injuries Sections from two brains used in the current BU-led study. The left sample comes from a 17-year-old American male high school football player who died by suicide two days after a closed-head impact injury. The brown stain indicates a widespread immune response, pointing to an […]

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Fighting Tick-Borne Disease with Computer Science

BU scientists on team building predictive tool to keep insects in check BU ecologists Tempest McCabe (GRS’21) and Michael Dietze develop computational tools to study the complex interactions between plants, animals, and climate. They want to find ways to predict ecological changes, such as fluctuations in tick populations, which could affect human health. Photo by […]

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Improving Your Relationship with Federal Research Agencies

Every federal research agency is different. This March 2017 workshop from Research and Federal Relations explained how to work with different funders to give you the best possible chance to receive support for your research. Presenters from BU Federal Relations and Washington, DC, consulting firm Lewis-Burke Associates described most successful ways to introduce yourself or […]

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US Secretary of Energy Moniz to Receive Honorary Degree

Focuses on clean energy, nuclear issues Ernest Moniz. Photo (left) courtesy of the Department of Energy.  Engineering a clean-energy future is very much on Ernest J. Moniz’s mind these days, as the world tries to turn the Paris Agreement on climate into action to reduce global warming. As US Secretary of Energy, Moniz directs the […]

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Gut Reactions

New grants put software to work on bioenergy and human microbiome Daniel Segrè, associate professor of bioinformatics, biomedical engineering and biology, uses mathematical modeling to understand the microbiome. Photo by Cydney Scott. Daniel Segrè studies very unusual microbes. They don’t live in petri dishes, guts, or on dirty kitchen countertops. In fact, they don’t live […]

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A New Map for Greenhouse Gas

Novel tool can help cities meet climate change goals By: Barbara Moran Lucy Hutyra, Conor Gately, and Ian Sue Wing, from the GRS department of earth and environment, developed a new way to measure CO2 emissions from cars. The new system, called DARTE, could help cities combat climate change. Photo by Michael D. Spencer. The […]

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