Three Key Takeaways from President Biden’s Rapid Movement on Climate Policy

BU international relations and environmental policy expert reflects on whirlwind of climate action issued from the Oval Office With just over a week in office, President Joe Biden has moved quickly to reinstate the United States into multiple international agreements and agencies through new executive actions that undo moves by the Trump administration—including rejoining the […]

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Medical and Charles River Campus Groups Join in National School Walkout Yesterday

Part of countrywide school demonstrations after last month’s Florida shootings Some Medical Campus ralliers wore doctors’ coats, a reminder of gun victims they treat, others donned orange, the color of the national walkout against gun violence. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Students and staff on both BU campuses joined the National School Walkout yesterday to protest gun […]

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Congress Resists Research Cuts

2017 budget seen as hopeful preview for next round: 2018 funding Congress’ budget agreement for the remainder of fiscal year 2017 is good news for researchers and student aid—and a likely preview of how Congress will respond to Trump’s proposed 2018 budget, with its massive cuts to research and higher education. Photo by mj0007/iStock. Like […]

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Lawyering Up

LAW’s Maureen O’Rourke is aiming legal education at the future Photo credit: Dan Aguirre. For some graduates in a field marked by high expectations, a recent headline in the New York Times captured their pain: “An Expensive Law Degree, and No Place to Use It.” Law graduates, according to the story, are caught up in […]

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SPH Addresses Gun Violence in Special Forum

National public health faculty, government, advocacy experts convene Representative Robert DeLeo, speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, was among those speaking at the daylong School of Public Health meeting on gun violence that drew members from public health schools across the country. Photo by Michael Saunders. There is no doubt that one of the […]

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