Collegiate Recovery Program Shows Students They’re Not Alone

Offers support for those recuperating from substance use The CRP stresses that recovering students have the same class and University obligations as their peers. Photo by Sophie Park (CAS’20). Collegiate Recovery Program is a supportive community for students facing addiction Students in CRP explain its importance Group dispels isolation, stigma that students in recovery can […]

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SPH Seminar: US Surgeon General Urges More Aid for Opioid Addicts

“We have to make it easier to get help than to get high” Jerome M. Adams, the US surgeon general,speaking at a School of Public Health Dean’s Seminar on the nation’s opioid crisis on January 26. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi. Before a standing-room-only crowd at the Medical Campus last Thursday, Jerome M. Adams, US surgeon general, […]

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911 Call on the Opioid Crisis

On Capitol Hill, an SPH prof and local police chief describe what works At a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by BU Provost Jean Morrison (second from right), Kimberly Johnson (from left) of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; Arlington, Mass., police chief Fred Ryan; and School of Public Health professor David Rosenbloom presented […]

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POV: More Help Needed for Youngest Victims of Opioid Epidemic

“The time is now for pediatricians to step up” to address the crisis Photo by bobbieo/iStock. Opioids and the harm they cause have received a lot of attention recently. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States, with the number of annual overdoses exceeding deaths from motor vehicle crashes. Fortunately, […]

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Street Doctor

How Jim O’Connell learned to shelve the stethoscope, and listen Jim O’Connell (right), president of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. His memoir, Stories from the Shadows, describes his career as a street doctor. Photo courtesy of Jim O’Connell. Jim O’Connell, president of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program and a […]

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Breaking Nicotine’s Hold

An undergraduate aims to help smokers quit for good By Andrew Thurston Bhavya Narala (CAS’15) is studying the effects of nicotine withdrawal on the brain and hopes to provide new insights on the stimulant’s impact. Photo by Dan Watkins. For America’s 42.1 million smokers, the best hopes of quitting—willpower, gum, prescribed drugs—don’t offer much hope at […]

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Beating the Binge

Alzheimer’s drug may reduce urge to eat compulsively BU professors Pietro Cottone and Valentina Sabino hope their research could eventually lead to new treatment for the disorder. Photo by Michael D. Spencer. Binge-eating disorder affects nearly 10 million American adults, by some estimates. It’s a vicious condition in which people repeatedly eat huge amounts of […]

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Higher Alcohol Taxes May Lead to Less Binge Drinking

BU public health study finds strong correlation between price and alcohol consumption Study lead author Ziming Xuan of SPH says researchers’ findings are “really significant for public health,” because binge drinking causes more than half of nearly 90,000 alcohol-attributable deaths in the United States. In 2010, Tennessee, which has the country’s highest combined taxes on […]

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