Move Over, Iron Man

BU profs on team working on a wearable robot could help stroke suffers walk farther and faster This video demonstrates how the soft exosuit may help people retrain their gait after a stroke. The exosuit allows the wearer to walk more symmetrically, while using less energy. Video by the Wyss Institute. Powered by a chunky […]

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New Concerns about Children Born to HIV-Infected Mothers

SPH study: high percentage at increased risk of illness and death A recent SPH study has found that a growing number of children born to HIV-infected mothers who were not themselves infected, are at a higher risk for developing illnesses and dying. Photo by Lindsay Mgbor/United Kingdom Department for International Development. The last 15 years […]

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Moving to Improve

Active “brain breaks” get kids moving—and help them learn Teacher Jake Dore (CGS’11, SED’13) takes regular breaks from desk work to get his fourth graders moving at the Kelly School in Chelsea, Mass. Photos by Dan Watkins.  It’s time for a break. You’ve been reading for a while now, so let’s stand up and shake […]

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