Study Abroad


That’s the word BU Engineering students use most to describe themselves after returning from a semester studying abroad. It’s an eye-opener to see the world in whole new light, explore another culture and learn more about yourself than you thought you could.

Boston University was among the first to offer study abroad programs just for engineering students. You can spend the second semester of your sophomore year taking the same engineering courses you would at BU, all taught in English. Study in one of the world’s most dynamic metropolises Madrid, Spain; or down under in the alluring city of Sydney, Australia.

In addition to engineering courses, you take a course related to the history and society of the host country. In Madrid students also take an introductory course in the local language so you can move easily through the culture. In Australia, students take a research-based internship instead of a language course. There’s time built into each program so you can travel around the region, interact with the people and see the world from a new perspective.

Juniors may take part in direct-enroll engineering programs, in which classes are instructed in English, at Universities in  Dublin, Ireland; Sydney, Australia; or Singapore. These programs require more academic planning than sophomore year programs. All our international programs give you the opportunity to explore engineering on a global scale. Please contact Kat Mor, ENG Study Abroad Coordinator with any questions or to get the process started.

BU has one of the nation’s largest study abroad programs with opportunities around the world. Click here to find out more.