Undergraduate Design Projects

The College of Engineering builds real-world engineering practice into the undergraduate curriculum to ensure that all students gain abilities and insight in the process of teaming with other engineers to identify a problem, brainstorm solutions, and then design, build, and test prototypes.

Sophomore Design Project

Undergraduates first encounter this as a required part of the sophomore curriculum, through EK210: Introduction to Engineering Design. This course is client-based, meaning that we are seeking projects from either companies or non-profits that are suitable for sophomores. We require six projects each semester and anticipate having eight teams of students (in groups of four or five) each working independently on one of the six projects

Senior Design Project

Capping off each student’s undergraduate experience is the Senior Design Project, a year-long, hands-on, team-driven capstone project intended to integrate and apply all of the knowledge gained in four years.

Machining at BU's EPIC Design StudioStudents form small, often interdisciplinary, teams to design and prototype a product, electronic device or software system. They design solutions to real-world challenges, frequently working with businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations to address their needs while gaining valuable experience.

At the conclusion of the senior year, each team formally presents its project to an audience of faculty, students and industry representatives. Each department chooses a winning project and the team members are formally recognized at Commencement Exercises.


Students work with faculty and sponsoring companies, and create prototypes in our Engineering Product Innovation Center.