Andrew Sabelhaus

Assistant Professor (ME, SE)

In the News

  • Converging on Training Tomorrow’s Bioengineers

    With an NSF grant, a BU program will train a diverse group of PhD students for tomorrow’s workforce in biotech, synthetic biology, and other sectors. [ More ]

  • Sabelhaus Research: Advancing the Safety of Soft Robots for Human Interactions

    The emergence of soft robots will enable safe human interactions which will allow robots to assist in the industrial, medical, automotive and space industries. College of Engineering Professor Andrew Sabelhaus (ME, SE), has been working on making soft robots safer to improve these human interaction tasks, in areas such as medicine, as well as explore difficult or dangerous locations. His work will help improve the design of many other soft robots. [ More ]


Departments or Divisions: Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering

Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty