Student Profiles

Zachary Beever, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ugrad major: Music composition
Zachary’s undergraduate degree is from Boston Conservatory in music composition. This major explored classical music in the modern era including writing music for orchestras, chamber ensembles and …more.

Leah GaetaLeah Gaeta, Mechanical Engineering, ugrad major: Biology
Leah Gaeta loves baseball. As a student-athlete during her undergraduate education at the University of Southern California, Leah enjoyed being active and prioritizing her physical health. She graduated from the university with a degree in biology on the premedical track. After taking a biomechanics course, however, she realized her true calling was elsewhere: …more

Santiago Gomez, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ugrad major: Sociology
Santiago Gomez has always been fascinated by the patterns created by our social relationships, social interactions, and culture. As an undergraduate at Boston University in 2009, Santiago settled on sociology as his undergraduate major….more

Eric Haas, Biomedical Engineering, ugrad major: Biology
Eric Hass has always been drawn to the field of biology. Throughout high school Eric was interested and looking at different college’s undergraduate engineering programs. Eric has loved to build and tinker, his passion is to understand how to create and build….more

Kali Hamilton, Mechanical Engineering, ugrad major: Political science
To peers in her engineering courses, Kali Hamilton appears to be just another undergrad. The difference? Kali already holds a B.A. in political science from University of Pennsylvania.…more

Kara Krone, Mechanical Engineering, ugrad major: Medieval literature
Kara Krone didn’t start out knowing herself as an engineer. As a child, she was drawn to artistic pursuits such writing, painting, and dance…more

Evelyn Liu, Biomedical Engineering, ugrad major: Biology
Evelyn Liu grew up in sunny California and majored in biology as an undergrad. She discovered BU’s LEAP through a social media ad….more

Carly Loy, Mechanical Engineering, ugrad major: Psychology
Carly Loy found her passion for engineering by accident. She sat in on an engineering class to prove to a friend that it wasn’t worth complaining about. At the time, Carly was studying psychology, and ...more

Rousseau Nutter, Mechanical Engineering, ugrad major: Architecture
Rousseau Nutter has always loved outer space, but he appreciates practicality too. As space programs became less prominent in the U.S., his initial plan to become an engineer fell by the wayside, and he decided to pursue a BA in architecture…more

Maxime Sabet D’Acre,  Mechanical Engineering, ugrad major: Economics
Maxime Sabet D’Acre earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and music, but was always interested in physics and math…more

Kelsey Snapp,  Mechanical Engineering PhD  master’s degree: Law
Kelsey Snapp’s road to a PhD program was unexpected and unusual. Kelsey was interested in math and science in school, but decided to go to law school. He earned a law degree and worked for a legal aid organization providing free legal services to low-income clients… more

Gabriel Stillman, Materials Science & Engineering, ugrad major: Music
Gabe Stillman started out as a musician. His love of music stemmed from high school when he decided to try playing the saxophone as an extracurricular activity. Gabe studied music education at  Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL.more

Rebekah Tsang, Mechanical Engineering, ugrad major: Home Economics
Rebekah Tsang’s journey to engineering has been a winding road. Fueled by her passion for cooking, Rebekah focused on home economics in her undergraduate education. She found herself drawn to the scientific principles of physical life. And so she began thinking about a career in which she could study the “why” behind the way things work…more

Halley Wyles, Biomedical Engineering, ugrad major: Biology
“I have been above and beyond impressed with my student experience so far. Boston University’s engineering program has such a wide variety of resources,” says BME MEng student Hallie Wyles (’22). “Between the faculty, facilities and program resources I have every tool I need to succeed while earning my master’s of engineering degree in biomedical engineering!”…more

Mandy Yao, Electrical & Computer Engineering, ugrad major: Health Sciences

Mandy Yao earned an undergraduate degree from Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. During her senior year she applied to LEAP to pivot to a new technology career. Mandy has taken her skills to new heights with an internship with Amazon and a job upon graduation at Meta. Learn more….