MechE Fall 2022 Syllabi


Course No. Course Title Professor Syllabus
EK 125 Introduction to Programming for Engineers All Sections EK125.F2022
EK 210 Introduction to Engineering Design All Sections EK210.A1.A7.F2022
EK 225 Introduction to Energy Conversion and Environmental Engineering Ryan EK225 A1.F2022
EK 301 Engineering Mechanics All Sections EK301.F2022
EK 381 A2 Probability, Statistics, & Data Science for Engineers Wang EK381 A2.F2022
EK 408 A1 Introduction to Clean Energy Generation & Storage Technologies Basu EK408 A1.F2022
EK 505 A1 Introduction to Robotics and Autonomous Systems Pierson EK505 A1.F2022
ME 302 A1 Engineering Mechanics II Nagem ME302 A1.F2022
ME 303 A1 Fluid Mechanics Bird ME303 A1.F2022
ME 303 A2 Fluid Mechanics Nagem ME303 A2.F2022
ME 304  Energy & Thermodynamics All Sections (Farny, Lubner) ME304.F2022
ME 305 A1 Mechanics of Materials Zhang ME 305 A1.F2022
ME 305 A2 Mechanics of Materials Park ME305 A2.F2022
ME 306 A1 Introduction to Materials Science Chapman ME306 A1.F2022
ME 310 Instrumentation Farny ME310.F2022
ME 345 A1 Automation & Manufacturing Methods Boley ME345 A1.F2022
ME 357 Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Machine Components All Sections (Morris) ME357.F2022
ME 358 Manufacturing Processes All Sections (Thornton) ME358.F2022
ME 360 A1 Product Design All Sections (Gutierrez-Wing) ME360.F2022
ME 404 A1 Dynamics & Control of Mechanical Systems Wang ME404 A1.F2022
ME 406 A1 Dynamics of Space Vehicles Walsh ME406 A1.F2022
ME 408 A1 Aircraft Performance & Design Geiger ME408 A1.F2022
ME 419 A1 Heat Transfer Gopalan ME419 A1.F2022
ME 420 A1 Supply Chain Engineering Perkins ME420 A1.F2022
ME 425 A1 Compressible Flow & Propulsion Grace ME425 A1.F2022
ME 441 A1 Mechanical Vibration McDaniel ME441.A1.F2022
ME 460 Senior Design I All Sections ME460.F2022
ME 500 A1 Manufacturing Processes for Design and Production Chomyszak ME500 A1.F2022
ME 501 A1 Dynamic Systems Theory – State-space Linear Systems Baillieul ME501 A1.F2022
ME 502 A1 & DL Invention: Technology Creation, Protection, & Commercialization Cole ME502 A1 & DL.F2022
ME 505 A1 Materials Thermodynamics Pal ME505 A1.F2022
ME 510 A1 & DL Production Systems Analysis Perkins ME510 A1 & DL.F2022
ME 533 A1 Energy Conversion Ryan ME533 A1.F2022
ME 538 A1 Introduction to Finite Element Methods & Analysis Park ME538 A1.F2022
ME 542 A1 Advanced Fluid Mechanics Ekinci ME542 A1.F2022
ME 560 A1 Precision Machine Design & Instrumentation Sharon ME560 A1.F2022
ME 566 A1 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Barouch ME566 A1.F2022
ME 568 A1 Soft Robotic Technologies Ranzani ME568 A1.F2022
ME 570 A1 Robot Motion Planning Tron ME570 A1.F2022
ME 579 A1 Nano/Microelectronic Device Technology Cole ME579 A1.F2022
ME 580 A1 Theory of Elasticity Barbone ME580.A1.F2022
ME 691 A1 Advanced Product Design and Engineering Chomyszak ME691 A1.F2022
ME 712 A1 Applied Mathematics in Mechanics Holmes ME712 A1.F2022
ME 801 A1 Teaching Practicum I Bunch ME801 A1.F2022