Reserve a Room

The Mechanical Engineering Department has several rooms available for meetings and seminars. For reservations for rooms 113, 202, 245, and 410 at 110 Cummington Street, and EMA 205 at 730 Commonwealth Ave, please consult the calendar on 25Live for availability and then use the form to request a reservation.

Boston University is using a new room reservation system called 25Live. The move has been made in order to help streamline requests, and reduce scheduling conflicts. For your convenience, the reservations previously populated in the MechE Google Calendars have been moved over to 25Live, and you can view them there.

Faculty, staff, and graduate students will be able to request room reservations directly on the site once they complete training. Student group secretaries will also be able to request rooms on 25Live once they have completed training as per the instructions from the Student Activities Office.

Please note, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering student group room reservation requests will take priority.

To gain access to 25Live:

  • Complete the “Event Scheduling in 25Live” training on Blackboard Learn.

  • Log into 25Live with your BU username and Kerberos password.

  • Complete the 25Live Access Request Form on the Registrar’s 25Live Access Page. Ask for the role of “Requestor”.

The Registrar has also compiled Quick Guides and Video Tutorials for 25Live.

Mechanical Engineering Proprietary Rooms:

ENG 113 Wind Tunnel Lab
Capacity: 60
Set up: Work Tables and stools
Includes: Portable projector and screen available upon request. White board available.

Notes: Only Faculty and Staff can reserve this room.

ENG 202 EK 301 Tutoring Center
Capacity: 44
Set up: Round Tables and chairs
Includes: Projector and whiteboard

Notes: MechE Faculty and Staff requests take priority.

ENG 245 Alumni Conference Room
Capacity: 50
Set up: Round tables and chairs
Includes: Projector, whiteboard, kitchen. Podium and Floor Outlets in room

Notes: MechE Faculty and Staff requests take priority.

ENG 410 Conference Room
Capacity: 13
Set up: Conference table and chairs, club chairs and coffee table
Includes: Idea paint on two of the walls. TV with HDMI and VGA connection.

Notes: MechE Faculty and Staff ONLY.

EMB 125 ECL Lab
Capacity: 38
Set up: Computer stations
Includes: Projector, whiteboard, and printer

Notes: MechE Faculty and Staff requests take priority.

EMA 205 Conference Room
Capacity: 25
Set up: Conference table and chairs in u-shape. Cannot be rearranged.
Includes: Projector, whiteboard, and kitchen. Podium in room.

Notes: MechE Faculty and Staff requests take priority.

EPIC Design Studios 102A, 102B, 102C
Capacity: 102 A/B/C holds 65, 102A holds 25, 102B/C holds 40
Set up: High top tables and stools. Can be rearranged.
Includes: Projector, whiteboards, and TVs with HDMI and VGA connection

Notes: This space can be used as a whole or it can be divided into two separate spaces: 102A and 102B/C. MechE Faculty and Staff requests take priority.

To apply for access to MechE Proprietary Rooms, please use Zaius ( *MechE reserves the right to approve or reject room access requests on a case-by-case basis. When applying for room access, please be sure to use the description box on the Zaius application form to include any information as to why you would like to have access. This will allow the MechE administrator to more accurately determine whether access may be granted for a proprietary space.