The MEMS and Nanotechnology group conducts research across a wide expanse of topics, ranging from materials characterization to the design and fabrication of MEMS and NEMS to the detection and study of single molecules.

Research topics

  • Materials characterization: Basic research on this area includes a focus on fundamental theory aimed at understanding the properties of materials and the development of laser-based inspection techniques.
  • MEMS: Research in this area includes microfluidics targeted at lab-on-a-chip applications, optical MEMS aimed at improving the performance of imaging and communication systems, and the development of MEMS technology to solve engineering problems motivated by practical applications in MEMS.
  • NEMS: Research in NEMS includes the fabrication and characterization of NEMS devices with applications in high-speed nanomechanical sensors and surface nano-engineering techniques for improved device characteristics.
  • Nanobiotechnology: Research in the biological aspects of nanotechnology include novel techniques for studying single molecules in scanning probe microscopy, for ultrasensitive detectors of biological molecules, and the development of NEMS tools for studying and manipulating processes at the sub-cellular level.
  • Nanomaterials Theory and Modeling: Ongoing research is focused on predictive simulation of electronic, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties of nanomaterials, including polymers, nanowires and carbon-based nanostructures (nanotubes, graphene) using novel atomistic and multiscale techniques.


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