Electromechanical Design (ENG ME360) is a core course for all BU undergraduate who is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering (MechE) degree. From designing to building, MechE juniors focus on the use of engineering principles, simulation, and physical models in product design. This course’s hands-on exercises allow students to propose solutions to practical problems and to develop their ideas through the construction and testing of physical prototypes. The hands-on exercise given this term was to build a machine from scratch with just the requirement to include 2.5 degrees of freedom. This project unlocks a world of possibilities and creativity for the students. From 3D printing parts to coding the program needed to run their machines, these students come together to build some pretty interesting machines.

Professor Enrique Gutierrez-Wing has been teaching this course for 14 years. When talking to him about ME360 and his experience teaching at BU, Professor Gutierrez-Wing noted,

I never get bored of teaching this class because all the projects are so diverse. This class is where students get to unleash their creativity. Because everything is made from scratch, they are all prepared for their senior capstone projects next year.”

When talking to students, their biggest challenge was getting consistent results, but with some perseverance and small adjustments they were able to succeed. From laser cutters to pancake makers, there are so many projects to see. Click below to check out some of this year’s projects!