The award recognizes Goyal’s groundbreaking work in computational imaging, including research to photograph objects hidden by walls and around corners

By Alene Bouranova

He might spend his days testing computer chips for the most minute of devices, or developing tech that spies could use while on covert assignments. But if you ask Professor Vivek Goyal (ECE), to name one of the coolest things about his job, he doesn’t pick inventing technology or testing gadgets.

“I really love the generation and analysis of probabilistic models,” admits Goyal, who is also associate chair of ECE doctoral programs.

These prediction-making algorithms might not be as glamorous as aiding secret agents, but they play a critical role in his burgeoning research on improving microscope imaging. That research is in part what earned Goyal a Guggenheim Fellowship, a prestigious grant from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

“Vivek is the third Boston University College of Engineering faculty member to be awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in recent years, which speaks to the outstanding depth and quality of research at the college,” says Elise Morgan, ENG dean ad interim. “Professor Goyal is a preeminent scholar and outstanding member of our faculty. His research on non-line-of-sight imaging—at the intersection of optics/photonics and computers and mathematics—has great potential for making the world safer for many people.”

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