We’ve put together a list of some common questions students have about dining on campus. If the questions you have are not on this list, talk with one of our staff members, they’ll be more than happy to help you. You can always reach out to us either through email or on social media.

Convenience Points are cash that you store on your Terrier Card. They are separate from the meal plan and not the same thing as Dining Points. Convenience Points can be used at any location operated by Boston University, not just dining locations. Convenience Points can be added using the Student Link or added by using a credit card on the Get the Point page.

If you are on the 300 or 250 plan, your meal balance will carry over from fall semester to spring semester. For all plans, your Dining Points balance will carry over from fall semester to spring semester. At the end of the academic year there is no credit issued for unused meals, so please plan accordingly. All Dining Points balances over $10 will be credited to your account for half of their value.

Yes, students have the first six weeks of the semester to change between meal plans. It can be done on the Student Link.

All students living in dormitory-style housing are required to be on a meal plan.

Yes! Students in apartments or off-campus can choose from one of the traditional meal plans, have the option of choosing an apartment plan, or can opt for a Convenience Points plan. All of these options are available to review on the Student Link.

The Fresh Food Co. at Marciano Commons and the Fresh Food Co. at Warren Towers operate a gluten-free kitchen daily for lunch and dinner. The Fresh Food Co. at West Campus has a gluten-free ingredients station. All three of these dining rooms have gluten-free pantries that offer students a wide selection of gluten-free products anytime the dining hall is open.

Yes! Every dining room has a dedicated vegan station at every meal. As part of the menu rotation you’ll find different options throughout the day so what you see for dinner will be different than what you had for lunch. The vegan stations include create-your-own vegan stir fry with a multitude of different combinations to choose from. Fresh Fuel @ Granby Commons offers two kitchens, one that is kosher and one that is vegan. The majority of items on our residence dining room menus are vegetarian-friendly. We offer vegan entrees, snacks and dessert options in all of our dining rooms. You’ll find vegan selections at restaurants and cafes across campus. Look for the green vegan logo and the brown vegetarian logo on menus and grab and go offerings. For more details about vegan and vegetarian dining, click here.

We have many dining locations open late until 12am, 1am or 2am depending on the day of the week. You can always find what is open now on our website. We also partner with Domino’s Pizza so you can use points to order delivery until 3 am.

Our Rhetty 2 Go program is just what you need when you don’t have time to make it to the dining hall. You can place an order well in advance and select the time and location you’d like to pick it up. Options include breakfast, lunch, and dinner with sandwiches, salads, and entrees. There are even kosher, vegan, and gluten-free Rhetty 2 Go options.

On Saturdays you can find a dining hall open at 8 am and closing at 9 pm. On Sundays, brunch opens at 10 am and we close for dinner at 9 pm. You can always find what is open now on our website.

Starting with Lobster Dinner in September, you’ll find plenty of fun and quirky events held in the dining room weekly. From National Cookie Day to Spicy Guacamole Day, there is a “food holiday” for everyone!

At 213 Bay State Road, you’ll find Fresh Fuel @ Granby Commons located on the 3rd floor. Here you will find a kosher and vegan menu served for lunch and dinner, plus Shabbat Dinners on Friday night and High Holiday celebrations as well.

Yes, you get 10 guest meals per semester to use anytime you’d like. Lobster Night is definitely one of the nights to use one; either for your friends and family or to get yourself an additional delicious lobster!

We always encourage students or relatives to submit recipes that their student enjoys. Our chefs will review the recipes and see if they can be duplicated in the dining halls for other students to experience.

We are always looking to partner with a student club or group. We find this a great way to promote that club and share experiences with students across campus.

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