Got a hungry group on your hands? Long club meeting? Want to celebrate a recent win or honor? Look no further than Student Catering, designed specifically for recognized student groups at Boston University.

Catering on the Charles is available to support your food and beverage needs for all indoor and outdoor in-person student events and meetings on the Charles River and Medical Campuses.  For those long meetings or late-night events, the Student Catering team is ready to serve you and your friends.  We specialize in made-to-order menus to fit your price range.  So, whether you need a few bags of chips, a pizza, or you want to host an event for 50 of your closest friends, our team is ready and able to support your planning.

Contact a Catering Representative today to discuss your ideas and let us assist in planning the perfect event.

Checklist for Student Catering & Event Planning

  • A Host representative must be present to ensure that each attendee follows the BU required protocols.
  • Hosts are responsible for ensuring the placement of proper signage in visible locations before events.
  • Hosts are encouraged to use the largest meeting space available.
  • Additional hand sanitizers should be available for all attendees and will be provided by BU Facilities for on-campus events and by the venue operator for off-campus events.
  • The use of an outside or third-party catering service is prohibited.
  • The use of “brown-bag” gatherings is strongly discouraged during this time.
  • Please consider planning outdoor events whenever possible.
  • Hosts are encouraged to space out dine-in seating.
  • Hosts and attendees are encouraged to consider social distancing during their interactions.

Working with Outside Vendors

Student Catering will continue to support student organizations that want to use outside vendors for specific cultural or religious events. Student groups should contact the Catering Team to discuss their options and guidance for menu selection. Suppose an outside vendor is determined to be the best option. In that case, the Student Catering Team will work with the student group to arrange for campus delivery and maintain proper food safety protocols before being served at the designated event location.

Getting Started

Student Catering orders must be made by recognized Student Groups through the Student Activities Office (SAO). Contact SAO to set up your event and order from the Student Catering Guide. To preview our student catering options, see below or contact a catering representative for guidance in choosing a menu, setting a pick-up date, and ways to stay on budget.




Please note: Student Catering items are available for pick-up only. Groups with events on the 1st, 2nd, or 5th floors of the GSU must coordinate the event with Boston University Dining Services, regardless of whether they are using Catering on the Charles, the Student Catering Guide, or outside vendors.

*Any amount charged by Catering on the Charles (such as administrative, service, delivery, labor, or other charge or fee), unless expressly designated as a tip or gratuity, is not for the benefit of any employee(s) and is not a tip or gratuity.  Charges or fees other than those designated as tips or gratuities are not distributed to employees except where expressly stated otherwise in writing.