For Parents

Add Convenience Points, or even submit a family recipe. All at your fingertips!

Convenience Points are even convenient to give

Students can use Convenience Points on their Terrier Cards for everything from dining and laundry to bookstores and convenience stores. And all you need to add points is a credit card and the BU ID number.

Add Convenience Points

Keep up with us via Social Media

We post on our social media channels daily with information about what we’re serving, asking questions of our students, looking for feedback and answering questions. Use this to see what we’re doing and also reach out to us if you have a question, we’d love to help and have you follow us.

Join us on Social Media

Give your student some home cooking

A family recipe is a great way to ward off homesickness and share a bit of home with friends. Submit your student’s favorite and we’ll feature it in our dining hall!

Submit a Family Recipe

Send a Celebration Cake

Birthday? Aced a test? Survived another group project? There’s plenty of reasons for your student to celebrate at BU and what better way than with a cake! Order a cake for your Terrier for any reason, or no reason at all!

Order a Cake from Us