While Buick Street Market is currently closed, select restaurants and residence dining rooms are open. Review guidance when dining on campus and hours of service. For comprehensive Boston University resources and campus community impacts, click here.

Serving guests on the west end of campus, Buick Street Market is your one-stop shop. Grab-and-go sandwiches, entrées, and salads. Fresh produce. Snacks. Candy. Organic, natural, and gluten-free selections. Dunkin’ Donuts, Charles River Bread Co., and Loose Leafs for made-to-order sandwiches and salads can all be found inside Buick St. Plus, all dorm needs from cleaning supplies to light bulbs.


  • Vegetarian-Friendly Options
  • Wireless Internet

Upcoming Hours

Friday, July 3rd

  1. Closed

Saturday, July 4th

  1. Closed

Sunday, July 5th

  1. Closed

Monday, July 6th

  1. Closed

Tuesday, July 7th

  1. Closed

Wednesday, July 8th

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Thursday, July 9th

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Buick Street Market

10 Buick St.
Boston, MA 02215

Chris Rousseau, Manager