Asian Dental Student Organization (ADSO)


ADSO’s mission is to establish, develop and promote the educational, community aspirations and goals of Asian dental students at GSDM. ADSO seeks to define and promote the responsibilities, willingness, and the rights and freedoms of its members as health care providers within the community. More importantly, ADSO strives to contribute to the professional, educational, recreational, and social values this school offers to the community with a unique expression of Asian culture.


Instagram: @buadso


Officers 2023-2024:
Calvin Dang DMD 24 President
Renny Qi DMD 24 Vice President
Xinyi Yang DMD 24 Secretary
Ashley Zhang DMD 25 Treasurer
Jiajia He DMD 24
Xiaoshuang Chen DMD 24
Community Outreach Chair
Community Outreach Co-Chair
Dustin Bui DMD 24 Social Chair
Ms. Kathy Lituri
Dr. Laisheng Chou
Faculty Advisors