Student Affairs

The mission of Student Affairs is to create a positive learning environment by advocating for all pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students and to serve as a “first-line” point of contact for those seeking assistance. Our support begins by promoting physical and emotional wellness and focuses on working proactively to address student issues. We are available to coordinate academic advising, for personal counseling, and to assist you with career resources in your journey through and after dental school. We hope that you engage in School-wide curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance your experience at GSDM. We encourage you to explore your learning environment and engage your classmates, your professors, and the GSDM staff. These key people will enrich your overall experience immeasurably. We know that you will not only develop your skill as an oral health care professional but also grow as an individual.

  • Pre-doctoral Orientation
  • Post-doctoral Orientation
  • OSA provides support for all student groups
  • Educational Resources
    • Working with students with disciplinary, behavioral, or emotional issues
    • Referring students to appropriate resources for treatment
    • Tutor Program
  • Career Resources
    • Assist students with the writing and editing of their cover letters, résumés, and personal statements
    • Work with the Global & Population Health office to promote the Dental Career Network to students
    • Drafting of letters of recommendations and professional evaluations for the Post-doctoral Application Support Services (PASS)
    • One-on-one meetings to discuss career resources and options
    • Email distribution of open job opportunities
  • Assist students in the submission of scholarship and award applications
  • Oversee student email listservs
  • Work with Student Affairs offices at Boston University School of Medicine (MED) and Boston University School of Public Health (SPH) to promote collaboration amongst students on the Medical Campus

Where to Find Us

635 Albany Street, G-158
Boston, MA 02118
Fax: 617-358-4789

Email Student Affairs: