Study Clubs

Study Clubs at GSDM are great way for students to explore their interest in dental specialties, participate in case studies, and interact with residents and faculty.

Study Clubs are organized by students, with oversight from the faculty advisor and the specialty department.  Each study club must have a faculty advisor who will work with students to develop programming, facilitate meetings and case studies, and other events related to the study club’s mission and objectives.

Funding for study club events is determined by and provided by the specialty department or through dues set by the study club.

Club officers work with the faculty advisor to decide on frequency and topics of study club sessions and to schedule them through the department administrator or Student Affairs.

Sessions on Applying for Residency/PASS/Match

If a study club is having a session focused on applying for residency, the PASS application, and/or Match, they should utilize Career Resources (CR) at GSDM as a resource.  Career Resources can provide important, up-to-date information related to the PASS application system, materials needed for application submission and other valuable residency and career related topics.

Career Resources at GSDM –

Study Clubs at GSDM


Pediatric Dentistry Study Club
Advisor: Dr. Reboucas
Oral Surgery Study Club
Advisor: Dr. Sethi
Orthodontics Study Club
Advisors: Dr. Frydman
Endodontics Study Club
Advisor: Dr. Miller
Predoctoral Periodontology Study Club
Advisor: Dr. Fleisher
Dental Implantology Study Club
Advisor: Dr. Fleisher and Dr. Batal