Academic Affairs

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Cataldo Leone oversees pre-doctoral education. Students can always approach him for advice on coursework, promotions, exemptions from courses, leaves of absence, etc. Students must contact Dr. Leone if they cannot attend classes or clinic due to illness or personal reasons.

Most problems with a course or instructor should be addressed with the instructor. Unresolved problems related to curriculum, courses, APEX, and other issues should be brought to Dr. Leone’s attention. Dr. Leone works with class officers and student government to address any course scheduling problems.

Dr. Leone chairs the curriculum management team which evaluates, revises, and implements curriculum annually. Dr. Leone and Chair of the Department of General Dentistry Dr. Celeste Kong respond to students’ concerns regarding clinical or pre-clinical faculty.

Academic Affairs staff members help solve problems and schedule appointments with Dr. Leone if he is not available. Academic Affairs is responsible for the textbook lists, curriculum overview, schedules, and classroom assignments.


Alternate Contact Methods

Academic Affairs fax number: 617-358-5199



Statement on Remote Teaching