The BU Hub is designed so that students can fulfill their general education requirements by taking courses across BU’s other undergraduate schools and colleges while they satisfy their major degree requirements in CAS.

As well as being a distinct liberal arts learning community, the CAS Core Curriculum is a pathway to the Hub offering students the opportunity to fulfill most of the 26 Hub units alongside their chosen majors. Core offers wide-ranging choices to fulfill Hub units in our eight foundational courses, CC101, CC102, CC111, CC212, CC201, CC202, CC221, and CC222. Core also features other courses—CC220, CC320, CC318, CC181/182, and CC192—for students to explore possibilities the unique pathways through our curriculum.

Every pathway through Core is unique to you. Check out this sheet listing the ways Core courses fulfill Hub units and capacities. Click here to view a description of all of our current courses and co-curriculars.

Joining Core does not take extra room in your schedule since Core is designed to give students the ability to earn Hub units while also working towards a Core Minor. Students can also use individual Core courses to satisfy particular Hub units. Students register for Core courses in the same way they would for classes from any other department and have access to advising at any time.

For first-year students, we invite you to begin your exploration of Core with CC101 and/or CC111 in the Fall.

For transfer students (needing to fulfill 10 Hub units), we invite you to take any Core course, but you might want to meet with our dedicated advisor Chris McMullen ( or email before you begin.