Make Core a part of your BU experience

“No time-saving devices, simply old time-glorified methods of delving for truth, and searching out the hidden beauties of life, and learning the good of living.” —W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk (1903)

The Core Curriculum in the College of Arts & Sciences is a liberal arts learning community for students who love books, ideas, and intellectual discussion. Core students are academically high achieving and seek out active participation in a learning community with others who want a liberal arts education offering a common curriculum of texts and topics that engage with “big questions.” Centered around weekly lectures and small discussion classes with faculty representing many disciplines and departments in CAS, we invite students to grow your roots in Core in order to flourish in your chosen major.

Core’s eight foundational classes are designed to work together as a unique interdisciplinary curriculum. For students in STEM majors, or for those who just want to sample, Core can also offer a customized course plan, allowing you to encounter a dynamic learning community while you navigate BU according to your own interests. Particularly committed students can find further opportunities for achievement in Core, via the Core Minor, the Independent Core Minor, and Core Honors. Core also provides a springboard for students interested in leadership positions in residential, academic, and program support opportunities. Students will also receive Hub units in every Core class they complete.

If Core sounds like the academic and community experience you’re looking for at BU, we encourage you to complete the join form telling us about your interest. This form enables you to begin your conversation with Core faculty and advisors, and start giving you a leg-up on making your first-semester plans with as much information as possible. Click here to be taken to the join form page.