Over more than thirty years of classroom teaching and learning, the Core Curriculum has come to count many thousands of students, alumni, faculty and friends in its extended community. The continued relationship between Core and its alumni is a distinctive feature of our program, one that manifests in live events, on social media, and through year after year of extraordinary support shown to Core on BU’s annual Giving Day.

We welcome donor support at any time of the year. To give directly to the Core Curriculum fund, visit this secure form on the Alumni Relations webpage.

The Core Alumni Association

EnCore is the official association of Core alumni. It was founded in 2008 by a committee of alumni working in concert with the BU Alumni office and a group of senior Core faculty. Since then, EnCore has established a Facebook group, hosted receptions, organized live events in Boston and other cities, gathered in person and online for book club meetings, and in other ways worked to develop and extend a feeling of community among Core alumni.

EnCore works to fulfill its mission—“to make the Core a lifelong connection for alumni”—in four ways:

  1. Creating opportunities for continued education and intellectual growth;
  2. Enabling alumni connections with the present Core community;
  3. Promoting alumni mentoring and professional networking; and
  4. Providing a variety of opportunities for alumni to support Core.

The EnCore steering committee has a standing invitation to new alumni who want to get involved. If you are an alumnus and would like to learn about opportunities to support Core, email corealum@bu.edu to start that conversation.

Update your alumni contact information

You can visit the website of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to request that they update their records, for your contact information and your alumni profile. The DAR staff are the primary point of contact between the University and our entire BU alumni community. To update the contact information that the Core office maintains in its own records, fill out the form below. We’ll use your information to share program news and event invitations relevant to our alumni population.

  • Do you have a form of address you prefer, such as "Dr.", "Ms.", "Mr.", etc?
  • Your name at graduation, if it has since been changed.
  • Your year of graduation will do, or the years you were at BU if you transferred out.
  • City/state: What major city do you live in or are closest to?
  • Do you want to share a personal website or social media account?
  • Which faculty members did you have for class, or did you have a close rapport with?

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