Core Writing Fellows are available for help throughout the semester. Fellows are graduate students who have been trained in compositional skills, are familiar with the works read in Core, and who work closely with individual seminar leaders. Depending on each Fellow’s schedule, consultations may take place in the Core Reading Room, CAS 328; in another campus space; or via a remote modality like Zoom.

Each Writing Fellow schedules their appointments on separate calendar. Use the links below to request a meeting.

CC102, CC202, CC222 and Core at-large students:

CC102 students should make appointments with the Writing Fellow assigned to their discussion section, as follows:

  • B1 w/ Catherine Klancer: Xuyi Zhao (Anthropology); book here
  • B2 w/ Catherine Klancer: Xuyi Zhao (Anthropology); book here
  • B3 w/ Brian Walsh: Emily Bogin (Sociology); book here
  • B4 w/ Jay Samons: Erin Tatz (Political Science); book here.
  • B6 w/ Zsuzsanna Varhelyi: Erin Tatz (Political Science); book here.
  • C2 w/ Yair Lior: Meghann Lucy (Sociology); book here.
  • C3 w/ Sophie Klein: Hafsa Arain (Anthropology); book here.
  • C4 w/ Sophie Klein: Hafsa Arain (Anthropology); book here.
  • C5 w/ James Pasto: Meghann Lucy (Sociology); book here.
  • C7 w/ Laura Harrington: Emily Bogin (Sociology); book here

After each consultation with a Writing Fellow, students and their seminar leaders will receive a copy of the consultation report form, submitted by the Fellow. That way, the information and recommendation shared during the consultation will be available for future reference.

Additional resources for students:

Hone your writing skills, on your own time

Flipped Learning Modules (FLMs) are a series of instructional videos that present topics in writing and language use along with exercises for students to complete at home. FLMs are available which help train students in writing, argument, research, and style; linguistic issues specific to multilingual writers; and writing for English-language learners. Access the FLM library and other writing-support resources at the website of the CAS Writing Program.

Resources for Writing Fellows: