The Journal is produced by student editors in the CAS Core Curriculum, primarily those enrolled in HUB CC192: Collegiate Publishing Workshop. Our mission is to expand our engagement with great works, great questions, and great ideas, empowered by our study of the liberal arts, and to share these conversations with communities beyond the classroom. The Journal is published annually and is available at no cost to members of the CAS community and interested members of the public as supplies allow; contact the staff to pick up a copy. Select issues can be purchased through

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Editor’s Note – Jack Martin (p.6; read at the Core blog)

Essays & Criticism

  • Evaluating Educational Anxiety: Interviews with Employees of New Oriental, Inc.
    by Tian Liao (p.10)
  • Directing Beckett
    by David Green (p.17)
  • The Sheikh and the Bartender
    by Gideon Gordon (p.24)
  • The Perspective of Children in Iranian Cinema
    by Arezu Monshizadeh (p.29)
    Honorable Mention, Essay Award
  • ‘The Lone Danger’: How Omar Little Western-ized The Wire
    by Kathryn Lakin (p.35)
  • “You’re too close!”: The Personal Space Conundrum
    by Birdie Gile (p.45)
  • British Satire in the Age of Fake News
    by Samantha Vatalaro (p.51)
    Honorable Mention, Essay Award
  • Birdwatching with Karl Marx
    by Taylor Thomas (p.74)
    Winner, Creativity Award
  • The Role of Charismatic Leadership in the Events of Jonestown in 1978
    by Abby Duerkson (p.88)
  • Constructing the Virtual Enemy
    by Charlotte Beatty (p.96)
    Winner, Essay Award
  • Recreation
    by Maria Osipovich (p.106)
    Honorable Mention, Sustainability Award
  • The Great Turtle Is Drowning: The Effects of Climate Change on Mackinac Island
    by Emily Yoder (p.108)
    Winner, Sustainability Award
  • Detachment from Divinity: The Origins of Evil and Milton’s Fallibility in Paradise Lost
    by Lauren Gotard (p.115)

Book Reviews & News

  • Once Again, an Argument for Liberal Education: a review of Rescuing Socrates by Roosevelt Montás
    by Nyah Patel (p.121)
  • Giving New Life to the Music of the Oldest Story: a review of Gilgamesh translated by Sophus Helle
    by Soren Chang (p.123)
  • On the Tangled History of Beauty and Racism: a review of Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings
    by Caroline Fernandez (p.127)
  • A Look at History’s Most Luxurious Book of Kings: a review of The Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp
    by Jamie Poirier (p.130)
  • Travel Writing in a Time of Limited Travel: an interview with Sunil Sharma
    by Netiva Sinha (p.136)
  • Publication Announcements: New Publications
    by Faculty & Alumni (p.140)
  • Core Alumni: What We’ve Been Reading
    by EnCore (p.143)

Arts & Photography

  • View from a Beacon Street rooftop
    by Di Malkin (cover)
  • Photos from Yosemite
    by Andre Salkin (pp.23 & 138)
  • Photos from NYC: Tribeca poster
    by Zachary Bos (p.39)
  • Photos from NYC: West Broadway street art
    by Zachary Bos (pp.41 & 42)
  • Kellyann
    by Alexandra Castro Iberico (p.47)
  • Photo from Tahoe
    by Danial Shariat (p.48)
  • Skateboarder
    by Di Malkin (p.50)
  • Photos from the AMH: Flying Fish & Diving Birds
    by Zachary Bos (p.56)
  • Photos from Cuba, 1991
    by Kyna & Emily Hamill (p.60)
  • Photos from the AMNH: Polar Bear
    by Zachary Bos (p.69)
  • Self-Portraits
    by Colleen Rath (p.86)
    Honorable Mention, Creativity Award
  • Shop Lights
    by Di Malkin (p.94)
  • Photos from the AMNH: Spectrum of Life
    by Zachary Bos (p.116)

Creative Writing

  • A Human-Centered Genesis
    by Mary Regas (p.8)
  • Portrait
    by Eve Kleiber (p.20)
  • A Response to Nezami Ganjavi’s Leyli and Majnun
    by Gideon Gordon (p.21)
  • Geology
    by Danial Shariat (p.23)
  • Haibun: A Salted Family
    by Eve Kleiber (p.34)
    Honorable Mention, Creativity Award
  • Of Greatness and Glory
    by Aidan Patt (p.40)
  • Lost Canto
    by Allie Mascarello (p.48)
  • The Lighthouse
    by Jakob Welch (p.56)
  • from The Tao of Henry
    by Jennifer Formichelli (p.58)
    reprinted from The Core Journal No. 20 (2011)
  • Downstream Boy
    by Lila Heller (p.66)
  • An Island Lost at Sea
    by Jakob Welch (p.69)
  • After Proteus in Joyce’s Ulysses
    by Maggie Farren (p.70)
  • Those Who Love you
    by Nobel Chan (p.71)
  • toast
    by Sarah Goodman (p.73)
  • Résumé
    by Zachary Bos (p.83)
  • Nevertheless, Each Day
    by Travis Tischler (p.84)
  • Event Scores
    by Cat Dossett (p.85)

Translations of Hafizullah Shariati Sahar:

  • Colorful Nightmares, trans. by Savannah Majarwitz (p.78)
  • Most of the Blackberries are Sour, trans. by Juliet Marhamati (p.79)
  • Despairs of the City, trans. by Tayler Hall (p.80)
  • Outskirt of the Sea, trans. by Andrea Guttormsen Wetzler (p.80)
  • The Smell of Cigarettes, trans. by Tayler Hall (p.81)

Online Features

  • Film: Exodus by Lauren Gotard; watch here
  • Video: A Close Look at Mantegna’s “Lamentation” by Sumner Jones; watch here
  • Essay: A Return to Tradition as a Remedy for Anxiety; link forthcoming

Analects of Core
Twain (p.15); Favorite Quotes (pp.38 & 95); Pessoa (p.93); Milton (pp.107 & 114); Emerson (p.120); Rilke (p.135); Campus Memories (p.145); Nachman (p.147); and Petrarch (p.152).

About Our Contributors and Staff (p.148)

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