A social event at the Core HouseWord & Way is the undergraduate student association of the Core Curriculum. Its members represent a  myriad of academic programs in CAS and seek to support and broaden the Core community by encouraging topical peer discussions intersecting with Core topics and texts out of the classroom. Word & Way fosters connections among Core students, represents Core as a student group on campus, and contributes to strengthening the Core community.

Informally, the group is known as the Core Club, and its members are known as the Incorrigibles or as the HardCores. Discussion meetings are generally held weekly, with several other social events scheduled throughout the academic semester.

All interested students and BU community members are welcome to attend Word & Way events; however, only active undergraduate members are permitted to vote on officer positions.

To contact Word & Way, please email the officers at wordwaybu@outlook.com.

Charter members: Radhika Akhil; Emre Alpagut; Katie Angelica; Dana Barnes; Daniela Barquet; Giselle Boustani-Fontenele; Alexis Corona; Michelle Depardieu; Miko Dimov; Catherine Enwright; Emily Franco; Novruz Javadov; Justin Lievano; Bryan Purcell; and Pietro Scribani Rossi.

The photo above was taken at a Word & Way community tea held at the Core House in December 2018.