The Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum invites interest in our faculty fellowship opportunities for the 2025-26 academic year.

Core is a learning community that offers students the opportunity for interdisciplinary study of foundational works in small-class discussion seminars. Core faculty and guest speakers come from almost every department in CAS. To facilitate teaching in this interdisciplinary curriculum, we offer up to three Core Faculty Fellowships each academic year that enable full-time salaried, tenured, or tenure-track faculty to receive a course release while auditing one of our eight foundational courses with a pledge to teach in three future years.

Faculty Fellowship Terms:

  • Fellows are released from one course for one semester;
  • Fellows will audit one Core course in the semester of the teaching release;
  • Fellows are committed to teach at least one Core course per year for three successive academic years;

Click here to view a roster of faculty teaching in Core in the current academic year.

Expressions of interest can be sent to Director Kyna Hamill via, in consultation with your chair or director. In your email, please include a CV and review the eight foundational courses to state which Core Course would be a good match for your academic background and interests. Decisions will be made based on course planning needs for the upcoming academic years. The application deadline for AY25-26 is November 25, 2024.

Fellowship Recipients:

  • AY2024-25: Maria Gapotchenko (Writing Program); Viktoria Hackbarth (Romance Languages); Masha Kamenetska (Physics)
  • AY2023-24: Rob Chodat (English); Marie McDonough (Writing Program)
  • AY2022-23: Joyce Hope Scott (African American and Black Diaspora Studies); Thomas Oller (Writing Program)
  • AY2021-22: Alison Carberry (Romance Studies) and Andrei Ruckenstein (Physics)
  • AY2020-21: Ines Garcia De la Puente (WLL)
  • AY2019-20: April Hughes (Religion), Erin Murphy (English) and Joyce Hope Scott (African American and Black Diaspora Studies)
  • AY2018-19: James Pasto (Writing Program) and Susanne Sreedhar (Philosophy)
  • AY2017-18: Catherine Hudak Klancer (Core) and Sassan Tabatabai (Core & WLL)