The Journal is produced by student editors in the CAS Core Curriculum, primarily those enrolled in HUB CC192: Collegiate Publishing Workshop. Our mission is to expand our engagement with great works, great questions, and great ideas, empowered by our study of the liberal arts, and to share these conversations with communities beyond the classroom. The Journal is published annually and is available at no cost to members of the CAS community and interested members of the public as supplies allow; contact the staff to pick up a copy. Select issues can be purchased through

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A note on the layout: Where punctuation occurs inside a pair of quotation marks, the editors intend the reader to understand that the punctuation is either original to the material being quoted, or appears there by convention, as in the case of periods after article titles in ‘Works Consulted’ lists.

Editor’s Note – Vanessa Hanger (p.8; or read at the Core blog)

Essays & Criticism

  • Nietzsche’s Textual Panopticon
    by Daniel Cardosi (p.12)
  • A Discussion of Ritual
    by Kei Kwan Queena Lau (p.22)
  • Militarization and Predatory Recruiting in Gaming Spaces During COVID-19
    by Carolyn Zou (p.26)
  • Austen’s Letter-Writing & Self-Authorship
    by Marina Berardino (p.46)
  • How to Become—or Remain—An Ideal Person
    by Jonas Raedler (p.59)
  • A review of Together in a Sudden Strangeness
    by Maggie Farren (p.72)
  • Notes on an Ending
    by Sabine Ollivier-Yamin (p.78)
  • Persian Romance Through a Sufi Lens
    by Arezu Monshizadeh (p.82)
  • Grief and Violence as Disfiguration
    by Vivian Dai (p.90)
  • Grief and the Great Books
    by Nyah Patel (p.102)
  • Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
    by Sigourney Schultz (p.126)

Creative Writing

  • In Bloom
    by Cory Willingham (p.16; listen here)
  • At Night, in the Backland
    by Carlos Eduardo Santos Torres (p.17; listen here)
  • When the Bough Breaks
    by Alexandra Mascarello (p.21)
  • A Distanced Love
    by Eva Ragonese (p.25; listen here)
  • Reading
    by Cat Dossett (p.32)
  • A Letter To My Brother
    by Jenna Riedl (p.42; listen here)
  • Wasting
    by Maggie Farren (p.45; listen here)
  • Corona Verse/ Spare a Drink
    by Greye Dunn (p.58; listen here)
  • Inconsequentially
    by Roberto Cordova (p.63)
  • Hollow Grounds
    by Bella T. Fong (p.64)
  • A Pandemic Year in Texts
    by Monica Courtney (p.69; listen here)
  • Looking Back
    by Samantha Vatalaro (p.75)
  • The Burning Stacks
    by Zachary Bos (p.76; listen here)
  • Two Poems
    by Andrew Kelbley (p.80)
  • Two Weeks
    by Zoë Figueroa (p.94; listen here)
  • Anaphora
    by Ryan Ives (p.101)
  • Polyphemus’ Lament
    by Brian Ko (p.106)
  • Spring in Griggs Park
    by Sassan Tabatabai (p.112; listen here)
  • If Eden Were a Woman
    by Junia Genevieve Janvier (p.119; listen here)
  • Just Go
    by Veronica Booth (p.157; listen here)

Features & Multimodal

  • Art in an Age of Anxiety
    by Isabel Plower, Ziwen Xie, Tammy Dong and Avi Nguyen (p.37)
  • Making a Musical During Lockdown
    by Isabella Very (p.43; view online)
  • Video: Balloons
    by Noelle No (p.105; view online)
  • A Conversation with Gregory Kerr
    by Bruce Hallgren and Nyah Patel (p.114; read the full version)
  • Experiences Abroad During COVID
    compiled by Marco Rotella w/Zachary Bos (p.145)
  • Learning During the New Normal
    by Miho Namba (p.140)
  • Video: Dido
    by Seynedhee Avenie (online exclusive)

Reports & Briefings

  • SARS-CoV-2: Symptoms and Selection
    by Jack Norton (p.66)
  • The Costs of Single-Use Plastics in Healthcare
    by Jennifer Motzer (p.95)
  • A Letter to Envoy Kerry re: Climate Change
    by Riya Beri (p.108)
  • Ethnographic Insight into the Lives of Chinese International Students During COVID
    by Tian Liao (p.138)

Arts & Photography

  • Normal People
    by Onosereme Ofoman (cover)
  • Song: Going to the Virtual Show
    by Brian Jorgensen (p.10; listen as part of a reading of the Menaechmi)
  • Spring, Beacon Street
    by Elisabeth Graves (p.15)
  • Faces
    by Alexandra Mascarello (p.20)
  • Spring, Back Bay
    by Elisabeth Graves (p.24)
  • Comic: A Legacy
    by Isabel Mejia (p.33)
  • Travels in China and Tibet
    by David Green (p.52)
  • Reflection
    by Alexandra Castro Iberico (p.64)
  • Graduating Seniors
    by Laura Meyer (p.69)
  • Scan Artifacts
    by Zachary Bos (p.76)
  • Playlist for Enlightenment & Romantic Revolt
    by Kyna Hamill (p.87; listen on Spotify)
  • Coronatoon Diary
    by Susan Foster (p.88)
  • What Is That Covid? Blues
    by Brian Jorgensen (p.89)
  • Drifting Away
    by Jaden Duenas (p.90)
  • Sonata: Thusia
    by Kaitlyn DeSouza (p.98; listen here)
  • Summer, Public Garden
    by Andrew Huynh (p.113)
  • Comic: A New Man in Town
    by Sneha Korlakunta (p.121)
  • An Imagined Zoom
    by Alexandra Mascarello (p.137)
  • Roommate Packing
    by Kehan Yin (p.143)
  • Street Scenes in Bologna, Italy
    by Chloe Hite (p.146)
  • Return to Chinatown
    by Andrew Huynh (p.149)
  • In Limbo
    by Gwen Liu (p.166)

Analects of Core
Marx trans. Fernbach (p.2); Daodejing trans. Ivanhoe (p.14); Aristotle trans. Ostwald (p.15); Confucius trans. Watson (p.24); Genesis trans. Alter (p.62); Rousseau trans. Cress (p.68); Plato trans. Reeve (p.74); Declaration of the Rights of Man & Citizen (p.79); Dickinson (p.87); Sempé (p.88); Tennyson (p.102); Freud trans. Strachey (p.136); Du Bois (p.137); Daodejing trans. Le Guin (p.166); Dante trans. Mandelbaum (p.167); and Ibn Khaldûn trans. Rosenthal (p.168).

About Our Contributors and Staff (p.158)

Fine print: All rights are reserved by the creators of these texts and images. Creative works published herein are works of the imagination; any resemblance to persons or beings living or dead may be coincidental, or may be artistically deliberate. Resemblance to fictional characters found originally in song, myth, art, religion or literature is in all cases meaningful, and in many cases, inspired. The Journal crest, logo and monograph introduced in this issue were concepted by Alexandra Mascarello for BU BookLab. Correspondence may be sent to the editors c/o the Arts & Sciences Core Curriculum at Boston University, 685 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 119, in Boston, Massachusetts, 02215, or via email.

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